This wife lost her handbag and it’s the end of her world as she knows it

Granted, its very annoying and sometimes upsetting if you lose your handbag that contains all of our possessions including money, bank cards and personal items.

However, one woman thought her world was going to end, which is taking it a little far I think. After all, its only a handbag isn’t it?

Apparently, she completely lost it and sulked for days, it was clearly her favourite and she wasn’t very happy about it! Her husband bought her another one, almost identical but it wasn’t the same. He might have to buy her more than one to cheer her up though – he can afford it I’m sure, he owns a business selling dog clippers - - and does very well.

As for his wife, I’m sure she’ll get over it. I know we’re all passionate about handbags because this is the focus of this site, but I don’t think any of us would sulk for days if we lost our favourite bag, would we?

Dozens of Coach Handbags Stolen in 34 Seconds!

In Germany a smash and grab robbery took place at a shopping centre in the middle of the night and the thieves stole dozens of Coach handbags that are very popular.

It seems a bit strange that all the stores in the shopping centre and they specifically target a handbag shop? Who knows, maybe they just like handbags.

Police were on the scene within 60 seconds but they were too late, the robbers had already absconded.

I’m guessing they will try and sell the handbags on the black market but everyone would realise they’re stolen because it’s been all over the news.

How Much Would You Pay For A Handbag?

Serious question – how much would you pay for a handbag? I know frugal people who can get a great bag at a great price and then I know other people who will happily splash out a few hundred dollars without blinking an eye lid.

Me, personally, I’ll spend a couple of hundred on a good bag but I won’t go silly. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to spend  big bucks on all the designer bags but I don’t have enough money!

Well, how about this?

The Himalayan Nilo crocodile Hermès Birkin bag is about to go to auction and is expected to reach $200,000. Wow. You could buy a house for that amount of money!

I suppose if you’re a billionaire then spending 200K on a handbag isn’t a big deal but I can’t see the likes of you and I (no offence) spending that amount on a new bag.

To be honest, it doesn’t even look that nice! What do you think? Leave you comments below :-)

Which one is your favourite?

Hi Handbag lovers…. I want you to get involved. Below is a picture of four handbags. Your job is simple – I want to know which one is your favourite.

Pretty easy decision because there are only four to choose from. But they are all very nice handbags! OK, here are the options:

Woman handbag isolated on white background


My favourite is the top left handbag. I like the contrast in colour between the brown and the white. I also like the handle on this bag. Simple and elegant. That’s my kind of bag.

A friend of mine from overseas prefers the bottom left handbag. She’s a business woman from the UK who owns a company called Ipswich Limo and she loves the colour purple! Go figure she would like that one! In fact, half of the handbags (and probably clothes!) she owns are purple.

Personally, the bottom left handbag is my least favourite. Don’t tell my friend though! Now it’s your turn….

Which one is your favourite?

Leave your answers in the comments section below. I want to know which handbag is your favourite and more importantly I want to know why! Is it the colour, the design, the shape and style? Whatever it is I want to know!

I have a special blog post coming up next, probably in a few days time, so make sure you keep coming back to the blog to see and read all of my wonderful updates! In the meantime, I’ll have fun reading all of your comments!

Why We Love Handbags

We can’t help it….by we, I mean women who are in love with handbags. You know who you are. You see them in shop windows, in catalogues, online, everywhere you look they are taunting you….

‘Buy me, buy me’ they say…. just waiting for you to pull out your credit card so you can take them home. After all, look how wonderful they look…..


All shapes and sizes, all different colours – don’t they look wonderful? This is what this site is dedicated to – handbags. Handbags are our passion and we want to share this passion with the world and most importantly we want to share this passion with you, the readers of this blog.

How many handbags do you won? Be honest! Me? I have 46. Yep, 46 different handbags. Too many? No, I don’t think so. Can a girl ever have too many handbags? No! Of Course not!

I’ve been collecting them for years and I will continue to collect them for many years to come. They bring me so much joy! And you know what? I’m not really sure what it is I love about them so much!

There is just something completely satisfying about a buying a new handbag and putting all your belongings in it and taking it for it’s first drive! Girls, you know what I mean :-)

So there you have it – a new blog especially for handbag lovers. Enjoy!